Roger Waters Asks Joe Biden To Take Action Regarding Julian Assange’s Detention

Former Pink Floyd vocalist Roger Waters shared a tweet addressed to President Joe Biden on his Twitter account and urged him to take action about the detention of Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange.

Along with his legendary music career, Roger Waters has been showing interest in the social and political issues around the world. He often shares his opinions on the unspoken subjects during the interviews he appears as well as on social media platforms.

As you might recall, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, has been detained since 2010 after his website published classified diplomatic information. Previously, Roger Waters drew the attention of his fans and followers to the wrongful detention of Assange and invited them to protest against the ruling by sharing an emotional video on his official Twitter account. In his previous video, Waters stated that Julian’s incarceration is a ‘monstrous outrage‘ and urged U.S. citizens to stand up against the ‘morally corrupt planet-destroying behemoth.’

Recently on Twitter, Roger Waters once again pointed out the fact that Julian Assange’s wrongful detention has been harming the democracy in the United States. Waters tagged President Joe Biden in his tweet and asked him to take the first step toward saving democracy by pardoning Julian Assange. He also mentioned the importance of Assange’s case by referring to the connection between him and the right to free speech of each citizen in America.

Here is what Roger Waters stated in his tweet addressed to Joe Biden:

“First things first Mr. President Joe Biden,

Please take the first step toward saving democracy

Pardon Julian Assange

If he goes, we all go

And then we can throw away our keys.”

You can see the tweet Roger Waters posted on his Twitter account below.