Adam Lambert Says It Was A Disaster Since Day One As He Looks Back To Donald Trump’s Presidency

Queen’s current live vocalist Adam Lambert spoke during a recent appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’ and talked about the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump.

In the conversation, Adam Lambert pointed out how many people Donald Trump fired in his four years of presidency and criticized Trump by saying that it was a disaster from the beginning.

Furthermore, Adam did not forget to mention what happened in the Capitol, which was an unfortunate event for the country that some of the die-hard Trump followers attacked to Capitol, and said that it was Trump’s fault.

While criticizing Trump harshly, Adam also stated that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will work together to heal the country as soon as possible and showed his support for the new president of the country.

Here is what Adam Lambert said:

“It is a tall order. I think that [Biden] needs to heal the country as best he can. And Kamala Harris by his side, I think, is an amazing panel for them to move forward and try to fix what’s broken.

Also, I feel like in many cases, anything is better than what we’ve experienced in the last four years, so ever since the election, I’ve been just trying to tune out the chaos that is Trump.

Obviously, we can’t fully ignore him, given what happened at the Capitol. I just hope that the public and the media don’t give him nearly as much attention as he’s been whoring about.”

Adam Lambert added:

“How many people did Trump fire in four years? It was a disaster from day one. Not just this last year since COVID; it was a disaster since day one.

So I think that with Biden and Harris leading the way here, I think they’re gonna put together an appropriate cabinet to make the changes that we need, to heal the country, to help combat the COVID virus. I’m very hopeful that things are only gonna get better from here.”

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