Rod Stewart Reveals The Million-Dollar Offer He Refused

Rod Stewart recently declined a million-dollar offer.

Stewart, who was offered to perform in Saudi Arabia with the offer of a million dollars, refused the offer as a symbol of protest against ‘the repressive policies of the Saudi Arabian government.’ He took to Instagram to share his decision about the offer and explained why he decided to refuse the offer.

The rocker, touching on the inequality the people of the country receive and having limited choices, wrote in the statement:

“I’m grateful that I have a choice whether or not to perform in Saudi Arabia. So many citizens there have extremely limited choices – women, the LGBTQ community, the press. I’d like my choice not to go… To shine a light on the injustices there and ignite positive change.”

Similar to the current situation, Stewart had previously turned down over $1 million to play in Qatar because of the country’s human rights abuses, including labor abuses, discrimination against women, and the queer community.

Although the singer’s representatives declined to comment on the amount of money offered to him to play in Saudi Arabia, it was reported the money was higher than the previous offer.

See Stewart’s statement here.