Ted Nugent Increases Fans’ Expectations For His New Album, ‘This Is The Best Music I’ve Ever Made’

Rock musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent recently went live on his Facebook account and revealed that he’s been working hard on his next album and listed the songs that they’ve recorded while claiming that it’s going to include his best work.

Ted Nugent has been making it to our headlines quite regularly for the past couple of weeks. Although many of us had gotten used to coming across news that discussed the musician’s controversial political statements, this changed after he announced that he’s been working on a new album.

Some days ago, the rockstar had given some details about his upcoming album. Ted had revealed that it is going to be named ‘Detroit Muscle‘ and had shared the tracklisting. In his recent live, not only did he update his fans on the progress they have made but also hummed some of his new songs.

In his recent live stream, Nugent said that this album can only be described as ‘old-school raw and authentic and down to earth and just totally ferocious.’ He said that they are all going to love the song ‘Detroit Muscle’ as it is a ‘soul-crankingtune. Then he went on to say that he has managed to create his best work in this album and increased his fans’ expectations even more.

Ted Nugent described his new record during his recent Facebook Live by using the following words:

“I’m telling you it was this old-school raw and authentic and down to earth and just totally ferocious. We recorded ‘Detroit Muscle‘ and you’re just going to love this song. Holy shit, what a rocker, what a soul-cranking rock and roll blitzkrieg of guitar lick heaven.

Then the second song was ‘Come and Take It.’ Holy shit, this is the best music I’ve ever made. And then we recorded ‘Born in the Motor City.’ [sings] ‘I’m born in Motor City back in 1948 / My dad said, get your gun boy / don’t you ever be late.’

Just a crank out. What a riot, oh the guitar tone.”

Nugent’s excitement was very clear and fans bombarded him with messages describing their happiness considering ‘Detroit Muscle.’ Even though he hummed only a short part of the song ‘Born in the Motor City,’ it was enough to get his fans riled up as they haven’t heard any new Nugent tunes since the rockstar’s latest album ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ which was released in 2018.