Ted Nugent Delivers Joyous News To Fans Saddened By His Farewell

You might have heard of many rock artists who decide to retire and make a comeback later. Some fans have been upset with his situation, and even called it a ‘fake retirement.’ Now, it appears that Ted Nugent is one of the names being added to the retirement comebacks list.

In a new interview with SiriusXM’s ‘Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk,’ he shared how he has been playing guitar every single day despite retiring:

“Well, my guitars are still breeding. My guitars are having an orgy right now in my man cave cuckoo’s nest.

He then further discussed his band in Texas:

“I play my guitar every day. I’ve got a band here in Texas — Jon Kutz on the drums and Johnny Big on bass and vocals, and we jam all the time. We do a bunch of Ted Nugent speakeasies, just some roustabout shitkicker rock and roll getdowns at various places around the state of Texas — sometimes spontaneous, sometimes it’s promoted. But I’ll still do gigs; I just won’t go on tour.”

The Reason Behind Nugent’s Farewell

The 75-year-old rocker’s ‘Adios Mofo ’23’ tour featured support from his latest solo band, which included drummer Jason Hartless and bassist Johnny Schoen. The tour wrapped up on August 20 in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

The rocker, as he says, cannot stand touring anymore, and it affects his household negatively. The household in question? His dogs. He explained in an earlier interview:

“I got, I don’t know if you can see, I’m in my man cave Cuckoo’s Nest, and there’s one of my dogs; all my dogs are here. When I get ready to leave… I pack my bags, and my dogs are heartbroken. I mean, they look so sad because they know Dad’s getting ready to go away.”

Despite expressing that he will no longer embark on extended tours, Nugent also indicated his intention to persist in creating music.  Although he’s not touring anymore, Nugent believes the music still has fire, and he still craves it. He also mentioned earlier that he’s heading to the studio with musicians who are ‘always at his side.’

‘This Is Not A Kiss 26-Year Last Tour’

When it comes to retirement, it can be hard to say goodbye to music and live performances. Some rock bands and artists have come back to making music after retirement announcements. Ozzy Osbourne had been recording and touring for two decades in 1992, until he was misdiagnosed with sclerosis. The diagnosis led to ‘No More Tours’ tour, only to come back three years after the so-called final tour under the title ‘Retirement Sucks Tour.’

Similarly, Kiss has retired a few times during their career and are now coming out of it with new avatars. Of course, Nugent was among the people who found it ridiculous, and claimed his final tour was not going to be like Kiss’:

“I’m never going to go on another ‘tour’ tour. This really is the last tour. It will be 6,891 tonight in Orlando and I love it, but I miss my dogs and I miss being able to walk out the door and do my outdoor stuff. I’m an Earthly guy, which I think is the real power of my music. My music is earthly. Whether it’s sexually earthly, or emotionally earthly or just downright defiantly earthly. This is not a Kiss 26-year last tour. This is the last tour.”

So it’s clear fans might not expect to see tours anymore, but they can have a few little gigs.