Christine McVie Reflects On Fleetwood Mac’s Retirement Plans

Fleetwood Mac keyboardist and vocalist Christine McVie gave an interview to Classic Rock and revealed whether the band has plans for leaving the music scene and retiring.

Formed in 1967, Fleetwood Mac has been making music for so many years despite the turmoil within the band. Among the other issues within the group, the tumultuous relationship between Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham affected the band’s progress in the music scene.

After Christine McVie left Fleetwood Mac, the band released their most recent album, ‘Say You Will,’ but they didn’t put out any new material following that. According to Buckingham, Stevie Nicks didn’t want to participate in recording new material for 18 years, which is why the band was inactive in terms of releasing new music.

Instead of releasing a new album under Fleetwood Mac’s name, Buckingham and McVie collaborated and released the album ‘Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie.’ Due to the lack of new music from Fleetwood Mac, fans began to speculate whether the band’s 2018-2019 An Evening With Fleetwood Mac tour was their farewell tour.

In an interview with Classic Rock, Christine McVie stated that none of the band members know what’s happening with the band. Moreover, she talked about the effects of the global pandemic on the music industry and said this tour might not be the end of Fleetwood Mac.

In the interview with Classic Rock, Christine McVie said the following about Fleetwood Mac’s future:

“None of us know what’s happening with Fleetwood Mac. With COVID and everything else, we’ve got to all of us be very careful. But you know, this is not necessarily the end of the tale, so maybe the lap of honor is yet to come.”

After she departed from Fleetwood Mac in 1996, Christine McVie continued collaborating with the band until her full-time return in 2014. McVie focused on her solo career and released three studio albums during that period. Recently, she is getting ready to release reworked Fleetwood Mac tracks as a solo effort titled ‘Songbird.’