Roger Waters Defends His Campaign To ‘Remove The Bricks Of Israeli Apartheid And Racism’ From Football


Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters shared a post on his official Twitter page asking FIFA and UEFA to exclude Israeli teams from international competition in order to stop racism in soccer, and apparently, the Israel Football Association blaming Waters for hatred.

As many of you know, Roger Waters has an apparent cause against the Israeli government because of their attacks on Palestine which started on July 8, 2014, when Israel launched numerous bombs on Gaza which caused the death of thousands of civilians.

While many people find Israeli right in its actions since the government caused the attack as defense, Roger Waters does not agree with this since the media and politics pick the side that benefits them, giving Palestinians no voice and right to explain themselves over the cause, according to Waters.

Therefore, Pink Floyd bassist has been constantly boycotting Israeli, recently sharing a post on his official Twitter page asking FIFA and UEFA to take action against racism by suspending Israeli teams from competing in international games.

Here is what Waters said:

“To Kick Off our Campaign to SUSPEND ISRAELI TEAMS from FIFA and UEFA, I would encourage all EPL players and all football. fans to watch ‘THE OCCUPATION OF THE AMERICAN MIND.’

Love R.”

After seeing Roger Waters’ tweet, the Israel Football Association shared a post on its official Twitter page calling out Waters by stating that he should join them turning soccer into a united platform rather than joining the hatred campaigns and boycotts. However, the Pink Floyd icon disagreed with them as he stated that his campaign offers to exclude racism and bring equal rights for all people.

Here is what the Israel Football Association said:

“Dear Roger Waters. Instead of adding just another brick in the wall of hatred and boycotts, join us in turning football into a bridge for peace and unity. #peace”

Here is what Pink Floyd bassist said:

“My Campaign is to remove THE BRICKS OF ISRAELI APARTHEID AND RACISM from THE BEAUTIFUL GAME. End The Occupation, and agree to full equal rights for all the people of the Holy Land then you’ll be welcome back in the playground.”

You can see the Twitter posts below.