Ian Paice Explains The Hardest Part Of Being In Deep Purple

Ian Paice recently joined an interview with Brian Tellis of Radio One International and shared insights into the complexities and challenges of being part of Deep Purple, which has seen its fair share of changes over the decades.

Paice, as the sole original member, provided a look into the band’s journey, marked by its evolving lineup and the challenges that come with it. He noted:

“The hardest thing is when you own a band and you’ve had a lot of success, you wake up in the morning you have a band, somebody gives you a phone call in the afternoon, you don’t have the band. Somebody has left; somebody’s been fired. It’s an awful feeling, and I’ve never actually personally been involved with the decisions. They have been made by other people, but you have to get on with life and try and find a way to continue.”

The Challenge Of Continuity

The drummer emphasized the importance of moving forward and ensuring the band’s continuity by finding the best possible replacements:

“Whatever formation Deep Purple has had, we’ve always tried to find the best people available to fill in those slots. It’s never always going to be the same. It can’t be because if you have four or five musicians working together, the dynamic changes. You lose one, you’ve changed 20%. You lose two; you’ve changed 40% of that chemistry. So it does change, but all the way through history, I believe that one thing people have always done is always respect their audience.”

The Reality Of Aging And The Future Of Touring

In a December 2023 discussion, Paice opened up about Deep Purple’s future, especially in light of the band members’ advancing ages. He highlighted that there’s no fixed plan for retirement from live performances, driven by the sheer joy of playing and the positive reception from fans. The musician explained:

“We have never planned a date to stop working. We are realists. The guys are getting older, and there’s gonna come a point where maybe one or two of us don’t want to do it anymore, or [it’s] not physically possible for them to do it. But we don’t think about that. We’re still having a great deal of fun. A lot of people still enjoy what we do, and so long as those two things stay in harmony, we’ll continue.”

Deep Purple’s recent projects include ‘Turning To Crime’ in 2021 and ‘Extras: The Now What?! B-Sides And Bonus Songs’ in 2022. The band is not slowing down, with European shows lined up for the summer of 2024.

Watch his full interview below.