Ex-Metallica Bassist Ron McGovney Clarifies His ‘Slander’ Against James Hetfield

Ron McGovney, the former bassist of Metallica, recently clarified his statements regarding his former bandmates, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. In a Twitter post, McGovney explained that he was not ‘talking sh*t’ about anyone but rather sharing his perspective on the band’s history.

McGovney has been sharing memories of his time with Metallica, detailing the early days of their formation and each member’s contributions to the band’s sound and success. In one of his previous social media interactions with fans, Ron addressed the band’s well-known record ‘One‘ and claimed it wasn’t actually a career-saving song for them. Later, the former bassist also addressed the myths about Lars Ulrich.

Despite his respectful attitude toward his former bandmates, Ron received criticism from a Metallica fan who wanted to know why the bassist had been ‘talking sh*t’ about James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. In his response to the fan, McGovney explained that not all history is positive, but it’s essential to acknowledge and learn from both the good and the bad experiences.

Ron was quick to clarify that he still had respect for all of his former bandmates, despite any disagreements or negative experiences they may have had in the past. He then admitted that he always looked up to Hetfield. When it came to his relationship with Lars Ulrich, Ron stated that he didn’t have any issues with him either. Recalling his previous comments on Dave Mustaine, McGovney confirmed the two had their ups and downs, but he still respected the Megadeth singer.

McGovney clarified his words on James Hetfield:

“I’m not talking sh*t about anyone. It’s just band history. Not all history is positive. It’s good and bad. I’m still a fan of the band. I always looked up to James. I had a good relationship with Lars. Dave and I have had our ups and downs, but I still respect him.”

At the end of the day, McGovney’s clarification shows that he still has a deep love and respect for Metallica, even after all these years. And for fans of the band, it’s a reminder that despite any disagreements or negative experiences, the band’s legacy still stands as one of the most important in the history of heavy metal.