Ron McGovney Explains The Myths About Lars Ulrich And Metallica

The original bassist of Metallica, Ron McGovney, took his Twitter account to address some popular myths about his former bandmates. While revealing Lars Ulrich’s favorite tennis player of all time, Ron also clarified whether Lloyd Grant was actually a member of Metallica.

Even though Ron McGovney had a brief career with Metallica, he was one of the few people who witnessed the very first years of the thrash metal legends. Since his departure from the band, he has been setting the record straight on various rumors and myths that have arisen over the years.

Recently, McGovney reacted to a tweet that included a 1985 interview with young Lars Ulrich. In his response, the former bassist corrected misinformation about where Ulrich lived during the early days of Metallica. The source claimed that Ulrich resided in Norwalk, but McGovney has put that rumor to rest.

McGovney corrected the misinformation with a tweet:

“Lars never lived in Norwalk, verified by someoneno longer in the band.

Then, Ron received a question regarding Lars’ tennis playing. A fan wanted to know if McGovney had ever seen Ulrich play tennis. The ex-Metallica bassist responded that he had never seen Lars play tennis, but the drummer had Jimmy Connor’s sock pinned to a board on his bedroom wall. This little tidbit might give fans a glimpse into Ulrich’s personality and interests outside of music.

Answering a Metallica fan’s question about Ulrich’s tennis playing, Ron stated:

“I never saw Lars play tennis. He did have Jimmy Connor’s sock pinned to a board on his bedroom wall, though.”

While Ron was revealing some interesting information about his former bandmate, he received a question about Lloyd Grant, who was known for his contribution to Metallica’s ‘Hit the Lights.’ The fan wanted to know whether Grant ever became an official member of the band. McGovney confirmed that Grant was never a band member but described him as a ‘nice guy.’ This cleared up another rumor that had been circulating for years.

Ron clarified whether Llyod Grant was a member of Mettallica in his tweet:

“Nice guy, but never a member of Metallica.”

McGovney’s recent social media activity has helped set the record straight on some misconceptions surrounding Metallica’s early years. It’s always interesting to hear from one of the founding members of such an iconic band, and fans will surely appreciate Ron’s insights and anecdotes.