Status Quo’s Francis Rossi Believes The Beatles Dangerously Romanticized Fame

The Status Quo lead singer Francis Rossi recently sat down with BBC Radio Manchester’s Mike Sweeney for an interview and shared his thoughts on the Beatles. Rossi holds the belief that the Beatles presented fame in a dangerously romanticized manner, which led to everyone doing something similar to them to be liked.

There is no doubt that the Beatles revolutionized the popular music scene and became one of the most successful bands of all time. So, their rise to fame and global popularity is often seen as a symbol of achieving success in the music industry. So, this situation has had an impact on aspiring musicians and their understanding of what it takes to become successful.

Judging from his recent chat, Rossi thinks that the Beatles’ success could have potentially negative consequences for the upcoming artists, as it led to the misconception that they had to be liked like the Beatles to become successful. However, he believes it becomes more like a business after some point rather than a source of complete satisfaction and happiness.

The musician explained that getting carried away was really easy when you received such a great amount of attention from the whole world. So, according to him, constant media attention and fan interest should not be misleading.

Here is what Rossi said about the Beatles:

“Perhaps when we were younger, regarding the idea of being successful – when it was pre-success – everybody wanted to be liked. So, everybody liked the Beatles, so [if you did something similar] everybody would like you. The more you go into it, the more it’s a business, and I don’t mean it in a negative way, and it becomes the norm.

And then I realized that there are a few million people around the world who think you’re great. The other five of six billion either don’t know who the hell you are or care, and some hate you. So you get very, ‘Okay, so this what we’ve got, we’ve done really well in that area.’ But don’t get carried away. That’s been my thing for years, don’t get carried away with yourself, don’t believe your PR machine, and so on.”

Thus, the Status Quo vocalist thinks the Beatles dangerously romanticized fame with their massive success on the rock scene. However, it eventually turned into a business for them. So, the next generation of artists should be careful about not to get carried away.