Phil Collen Shares His Opinions On KISS And Their Methods To Get Ready For The Live Shows

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen opened up about performing with KISS during an interview with Sweetwater and revealed that all of the band members put so much effort into preparation before a live performance including spending the whole day in a dressing room, warming up, listening to music, and putting make-up on.

As many of you remember, Phil Collen joined KISS on stage to perform their song ‘Deuce’ at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City on August 2, 2014. The performance was legendary in many ways as Collen was also dressed in Paul Stanley’s on-stage costume, and there aren’t many musicians to perform with KISS on stage.

During a recent interview, Phil Collen opened up about that special performance and revealed that all members of KISS extremely care about their performances and try their best to put on a great show, as they always do.

Phil Collen also revealed that especially frontman Paul Stanley, band members arrive at the performance location hours before the show so that they can enough time to concentrate on the performance, warm-up, listen to music, and most importantly, put on their iconic make-up.

Here is what Collen said:

“It was really great being with KISS – they have an alter ego, they really care about this show. It has to be great; otherwise, it fails. And they always do that and it’s great.

Paul Stanley would be there all day – and he’s in his dressing room, maybe warming up, he’d be listening to music and everything, and then he puts his makeup on – and it takes hours, so they really put so much into that and I think that that’s that performance part a lot of people don’t realize.

They go just listen to it. There’s much more depth into it and we take that on board, so it’s great. Even touring, when we tour with them as well, it’s cool.”

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