Ron McGovney Doesn’t Believe ‘One’ Was Career Saving For Metallica

There is no doubt that ‘One’ has a special place in many Metallica fans’ hearts, mainly due to its story and music video. Although some claim it saved the band’s career as it was the first song with a music video, it seems like former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney doesn’t believe the same.

Author Mark Eglinton recently came across a tweet describing Metallica’s ‘One’ as a career-saving song and questioned whether this was true. “My guess is because they made their first video with that song,” McGovney said after seeing Eglinton’s tweet. “The band would have become huge anyway. Definitely not career-saving.’”

‘One’ was released as the third and final single from Metallica’s 1988 album ‘…And Justice For All.’ It was one of the songs that stepped forward among other tracks for its tragic background. Written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich, ‘One’ tells the story of a young WWI soldier who begs to die as he loses his arms, legs, and jaw and his ability to speak, move, and see.

It was also the first Metallica song for which the band created a music video. Using short clips from the movie ‘Johnny Got His Gun,’ the metal giant performed ‘One’ in a warehouse and shot the music video almost entirely in black and white. The movie was adapted from a novel of the same name and was a minor success before Metallica’s music video was released.

Following its release, ‘One’ ended up being the band’s first to chart in the US. The music video was also ranked number one on MTV after its introduction. Winning a Grammy Award a year after its release, ‘One’ was a huge success. However, Ron McGovney doesn’t think it was a career-saving song for just being Metallica’s first song with a music video.