Sheryl Crow Says She Threw Up All Day Before Performing With Mick Jagger


Sheryl Crow recalled the first time The Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger called her to perform together during her recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. The singer admitted that she was so excited and then explained the situation, which she can’t still believe.

Pop-rock and blues musician Sheryl Crow released her debut solo studio album entitled ‘Tuesday Night Music Club’ on August 3, 1993. Even though the lead single was ‘Run Baby Run,’ the album’s other track, ‘All I Wanna Do,’ became trendy and hit the charts worldwide. Thanks to the song’s popularity, Crow drew significant attention from music critics, rock music lovers, and the various stars of the industry.

Shortly after the record, Mick Jagger reached out to Crow and invited her to sing together, but in the beginning, the singer thought that it was a joke. Later, she understood that the person that she was talking to was The Rolling Stones singer, and Crow accepted the offer. Jagger and Crow’s ‘Live with Me’ performance was excellent, which belonged to the band’s ‘Let It Bleed’ album, and the singer shared her feelings back then.

Crow revealed that she was so nervous, stressed, and panicked about being on the stage with Jagger that she vomited all day. The singer added that she was terrified, and famous saxophonist Bobby Keys gave her a bottle of tequila to make her more relaxed. While she was very close to Jagger, the musician couldn’t believe she was singing with the person she listened to the records like ‘Sticky Fingers.’ According to Crow, having his number and texting him were still unbelievable things for her, although they became friends.

Here’s what Stern said:

“The first time that The Stones called you to go up on stage with Mick Jagger, that was around the time your first album came out. I can’t imagine what it was like, the nerves. I know you described you vomited before you went on stage with Mick.”

Crow responded:

I vomited all day. I was so terrified. Then the night before I went out, Bobby Keys handed me a bottle of tequila and said, ‘Here’s a little courage,’ and shuffled me out. Literally, I can remember exactly what I thought when I was six inches from Mick’s face, ‘This is the guy whose zipper on ‘Sticky Fingers’ that I unzipped on the record.’

You go back to being that kid who is looking at somebody who you looked at on the records. I still have that. I texted him recently and asked him if he would play harp on ‘Live With Me’ because we re-did this song that we initially sang together. As I was texting him, I was thinking, ‘Holy crap, I can’t believe I have his phone number.’

You can check out the interview and song below.