Muse’s Matt Bellamy Says Rage Is His Favorite Live Band

In a recent interview with Audacy Music, Muse‘s Matt Bellamy talked about his admiration of Rage Against The Machine and the iconic live shows they deliver.

Muse’s ninth studio album ‘Will of the People’ was released on August 26, 2022. The new album features metal and grunge elements that spruced up their original hard rock sound. The band had previously released several singles titled ‘ Won’t Stand Down,’ ‘Compliance,’ and ‘Kill Or Be Killed.’

In a new interview to promote the album, the interviewer compared Muse’s stage performance with Rage Against The Machine. Bellamy was thrilled that they were even mentioned in the same sentence since, according to him, Rage had the best live shows he had ever seen.

Matt Bellamy also stated that his favorite live band is Rage Against The Machine. He explained that no other band that he could think of performs on the same level as them. Bellamy added that he had never seen any other band do a live show better than what Rage brought to the stage.

Matt Bellamy’s words about his favorite live band:

“I mean, that’s probably my favorite live band of all time. There’s not anyone; I can’t think of anyone I’ve seen that’s put on a better show than Rage Against The Machine.”

You can watch the interview below.