Amy Lee Opens Up About The Losses She Was Dealing With While Working On New Evanescence Album


Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee revealed the struggle and pain while writing the upcoming ‘The Bitter Truth’ in the statement of its press release.

The Bitter Truth is the upcoming fifth studio album of Evanescence, and it’s set to be released on March 26. Right not, the band released four singles from the album, Wasted on You, The Game Is Over, Use My Voice, and Better Without You.

In the statement, Amy mentioned the struggle the world has been dealing with following the coronavirus outbreak, racial injustice, and economic problems. However, these were not the only things they faced.

Amy stated that she lost her brother during this time, and the bass guitarist Tim McCord also lost a family member. Following these rough times, the band emerged and supported each other.

Here is what Amy Lee said:

“When we first set out to make our new album, ‘The Bitter Truth’, we had no idea of the pain and hardship that the world would soon face.

While the planet suffered through the tragedies of COVID, racial injustice and economic upheaval, my band and I were dealing with the aftermath of our own losses, the unexpected passing of my brother, the sudden loss of a child by Tim’s family, and the virtual loss of our guitarist Jen, who has been literally stuck in Germany, unable to travel to record with us in person in the studio.

Somehow through all these challenges, a theme began to emerge for us as a band. Pushing through is better than giving up.”

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