Don Felder Sends A Message To Glenn Frey Ignoring The Eagles Feud

In a recent Instagram story, former Eagles guitarist Don Felder set aside past conflicts to post a tribute to his late bandmate Glenn Frey.

The musician shared a photo of Frey and wrote:

“Doesn’t seem like 8 years has passed. Rest in peace, buddy. We will jam again in the sky one day.”

The Eagles’ Journey From Harmony To Discord

The Eagles, despite being one of the world’s top-selling bands, faced significant internal conflicts, particularly between Frey, Felder, and Don Henley. The conflict within the Eagles was often fueled by the struggle for equality and control.

Felder’s constant fight for an equal role and share in the band, particularly against Frey and Henley, is well-documented. Felder described Frey and Henley as tyrannical in his book, leading to public disputes and even threats of violence, culminating in Felder’s dismissal from the band in 2001.

Legal Battles And Lasting Friction

Following his firing, Felder took legal action against the Eagles for wrongful termination, further straining their relationship. After Frey’s passing in 2016, the Eagles paid tribute to him at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards. However, Felder was notably absent from this event due to the longstanding rift. Expressing his feelings on Twitter, the rocker shared his disappointment at not being invited, stating:

“I would have been honored to have joined The Eagles last night for the Glenn Frey Tribute at the Grammys, but sadly, I was not invited.”

Felder On His Relationship With Frey

Later, in June 2023, Felder spoke with St. Louis radio station KSHE 95, where he reflected on his past relationship with ex-bandmates Henley and Frey. The guitarist expressed a lack of hostility towards Glenn, saying:

“I have no animosity towards any of those guys, especially Glenn. He’s gone, and I regret that I didn’t have the opportunity to sit down with him and just have a good human relationship.”

Along with his tribute to Frey, Felder also engaged fans with a previous Instagram post that subtly suggests a potential reconnection with Joe Walsh. The musician shared a photo with Walsh, reflecting on the enjoyable moments they shared during their time together in the band.

You can see Felder’s tribute to Frey on Instagram below.

Photo Credit: Don Felder – Instagram