Chris Cornell’s Widow Vicky’s Claims Against Soundgarden Should Be Dismissed According To A Federal Judge

U.S. District Judge Michelle Peterson recommended the court to drop Soundgarden‘s late lead vocalist Chris Cornell‘s wife Vicky Cornell’s claims against the remaining members of Soundgarden, due to the lack of evidence after Vicky alleged that they are withholding hundreds of thousands of dollars of Chris Cornell’s royalties.

As you might remember, Vicky Cornell sued the remaining members of Soundgarden in December 2019, stating that there are over hundreds of thousands of dollars unpaid royalties in addition to the rights to seven unreleased recordings made before Chris Cornell’s passing in May of 2017.

This year, Chris Cornell’s wife once again filed a lawsuit against the lead guitarist Kim Thayil, drummer Matt Cameron, and bassist Ben Shepard, claiming that Soundgarden members are stealing from their former bandmate and his family since they are offering a lower payment to them.

Here is what Vicky said:

“This action has been necessitated by the self-serving and heartless actions of the remaining members of the band Soundgarden, who are seeking to rob from their former bandmate, Chris Cornell, his wife, and their minor children, Chris’ legacy and life’s worth, which has made them millions of dollars. The band members have knowingly offered only an infinitesimal fraction of the true worth of Chris’ interest in Soundgarden and certain related entities by making a ludicrously low offer. And, they know it. … This case relates to, and seeks a judicial valuation of, Chris’ interest in Soundgarden (the band owned by the partnership of the same name) and certain related entities, including SG Recordings, SMF, SG Productions, and LLM (collectively, the Soundgarden Related Entities’).”

While Soundgarden icon’s wife has been throwing allegations over and over to the band’s surviving members, the members of Soundgarden issued a statement after those accusations, revealing that the actual buyout offer has been turned into something it initially wasn’t and they boldly stated that the truth will be revealed in the court.

Here is what the members of the band said:

“The buyout offer that was demanded by the Estate has been grossly mischaracterized and we are confident that clarity will come out in court.”

Recent news revealed that two out of Vicky Cornell’s claims against the remaining members of Soundgarden should be tossed out according to a federal judge named Michelle Peterson in Washington. Peterson revealed that there isn’t enough evidence of the stated allegations in a report which is now sent to the case’s judge, Robert S. Lasnik who eventually will make the final decision about the case.

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