The Reason Don Felder Wasn’t Invited To The Eagles’ Tribute To Glenn Frey

It would be fair to say that it is extremely hard for any other band to compete with the Eagles’ success as they achieved being one of the most influential bands of all time. They skillfully incorporated various different genres like country and folk into their music. Besides that, they were also masters of the lyrics as they put their signature to many unforgettable songs.

Despite the huge success they earned, the Eagles’ members also had some tensions with each other, which is not quite surprising to have for a rock band. As a result of several disagreements, the band broke up in 1980 after truly dominating the music scene in the 1970s. The feud between the lead guitarist Don Felder and the late frontman Glenn Frey was surely one of the things that led to the disbandment of the Eagles.

Why Did Don Felder Have A Sour Relationship With Glenn Frey?

Don Felder had problems also with the other band members but his most obvious conflict was with Glenn Frey. At a benefit concert in 1980, the clash between Felder and Frey marked the final straw that led to the band’s breakup. The two started to taunt each other during the show, which ended up with threatens of violence.

After this unpleasant incident, the Eagles took a break from their successful career for 14 years until they reunited for a tour in 1994. The band appeared to have a harmonious relationship but the back story was totally different as the tension between them still continued.

It was known that Don Felder wasn’t content with Don Henley and Glenn Frey’s dominance over the band. Felder also began to question how the two split the band’s financial pie. Later on, after these internal conflicts, Henley and Frey eventually decided to fire Don Felder from the band but of course, Felder also reacted to all that happened in his own way.

Why Wasn’t Don Felder Invited To The Eagles’ Tribute To Glenn Frey?

Don Felder was fired from the band but he immediately took action and responded by suing them for wrongful termination. Later on, the other band members countersued Felder to block the publication of his book, which told a lot about his time in the Eagles. In the book, Don Felder portrayed Henley and Frey as greedy and brought serious accusations to them.

It can be said that Felder’s book dealt a death blow to his relationship with the Eagles members. It is publicly known that Don Felder has never contacted the rest of the band since 2001. Glenn Frey passed away on January 18, 2016, due to complications of pneumonia. Following that, Felder received a call from Randy Meisner and learned that his former bandmate passed away.

After Frey’s death, the Eagles’ remaining members took the stage at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards and performed ‘Take It Easy’ as a tribute to Glenn Frey. However, as an old member of the band, Don Felder wasn’t invited to the tribute probably due to the previous problems he had with the rest of the band. Later on, Don Felder posted a tweet saying that he would be very happy and honored to attend the tribute. Felder also stated that he wasn’t invited, which made him really sad.

Don Felder’s Twitter post read:

“I would have been honored to have joined The Eagles last night for the Glenn Frey Tribute at the Grammys but sadly I was not invited.”

It is interesting that Don Felder wanted to join the tribute despite filing a lawsuit against them. Maybe Felder is eager to contact them again but apparently, the rest of the band doesn’t agree as they didn’t want to invite him. It looks like the problems that have been going on for years seriously damaged the relationship between them.