Jonathan Davis Names The Korn Song He’d Like To Erase From History

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis recently talked to Metal Hammer about his music career. The rocker revealed the Korn song that he would like to erase if he had a chance.

Since the beginning of their career as a pioneer of the nu-metal genre, Korn has been an influential band. Their success started with the 1998 album entitled ‘Follow the Leader.‘ It gained mainstream success for the group by debuting at number one on the Billboard 200. It became the band’s most commercially successful album by selling more than 260.000 immediately after release.

The singles ‘Got The Life’ and ‘Freak on a Leash’ had a place on various charts in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Also, Korn won the awards for Best Rock Video and Best Editing in the MTV Music Awards with ‘Freak on a Leash.’ Additionally, Korn worked together with significant musicians like Ice Cube, Fred Durst, and Tre Hardson on this album.

Recently, when Jonathan Davis reflected on the Korn song he would like to erase, he chose ‘All In The Family’ from the band’s third studio album, ‘Follow The Leader.’ He stated that the song was awful, but it was not an issue about Fred Durst. As the frontman mentioned, all of them were drunk during the recording process, and it was fun; however, they should not have recorded this song for the album.

Jonathan Davis chose the Korn song he would like to erase:

“‘All In The Family’ on ‘Follow The Leader.’ It is the worst song ever! Haha! It’s horrible. We were all drunk in the studio, and I was trying to rap. We were having a good time, but now I just cringe. I’ve got nothing against Fred Durst, who did guest vocals on the song; it just sucks! We were out of our minds drunk! It shouldn’t have made the record.”

After the release of Korn’s third album ‘Follow The Leader,’ many critics had positive reviews about the whole album. Some expressed that ‘All In The Family’ sounded ineffective in such a strong album. Jonathan Davis agreed with them, as he revealed that he would like to erase this song from history.

You can listen to ‘All in the Family’ below.