Dee Snider Explains Why He Doesn’t Play Guitar On Stage

Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider answered a fan’s question on Twitter about whether he ever played guitar on stage. The singer stated that he was so bad at it that even if he had the guitar, his band wouldn’t plug it in.

Dee Snider is one of the most talented metal vocalists of all time, as he was ranked number 83 in Hit Parader’s list of 100 metal vocalists of all-time list. The singer joined Twisted Sister in 1976, and he was the band’s songwriter writing their two main hit songs ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and ‘I Wanna Rock.’

Not only his musical talents but also his unique stage presence with his band wearing make-up and having big hair have entertained fans for years. After Twisted Sister disbanded in 1988, they reunited a couple of times for events such as the Sweden Rock Festival and Wacken Open Air. They even released an album titled ‘A Twisted Christmas’ in 2006.

Even though the band’s and Dee Snider’s stage presence were full, the fans wondered throughout the years why Snider never played the guitar when he was on stage. In fact, there is only one photo of him that has a guitar on his hands. When a fan directed this question at him, the singer replied by stating that he wasn’t good at playing the guitar, and even if he had one in his hands they wouldn’t plug it in.

Here is what the fan asked:

Did you ever play guitar on stage with Twisted (other than this pic, maybe)? Seen you guys and your solo, don’t remember ever seeing it.”

Here is what Snider replied:

I was so bad they wouldn’t plug the guitar in! I just did it for dramatic effect. That was phased out quickly!”

In 2017, Snider posted a famous photo of him with a guitar on his Instagram account and addressed the playing the guitar topic for the first time. Then, he stated that he ‘sort of’ plays the guitar, but he didn’t play it accurately because that doesn’t give a ‘good show.’

Here is what he stated in his 2017 Instagram caption:

“Do I play guitar? Sort of. I always found that playing accurately got in the way of giving a good show!

While it may be weird for some people not to see rock and roll or metal singers without a guitar on stage, Snider’s fans are not annoyed by it at all. Some fans indicated that Snider’s vocal talents are more than enough and he doesn’t need a guitar on the stage.

You can see his tweet and 2017 Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Dee Snider – Instagram