David Crosby Says Kanye West Is An ‘Idiot’

David Crosby recently posted a tweet targeting Kanye West, who recently made it to the headlines with his social media posts and the controversial shirt he wore during Paris Fashion Week.

The CSNY icon hasn’t been on good terms with the rapper Kanye West since he argued that he was ‘the greatest living rock star on the planet.’ West made this remark during his performance at Glastonbury Festival in 2015 and called himself ‘God’s vessel.’ His claims put him under the spotlight, and various artists harshly criticized him, and Crosby was also among those.

In a 2016 interview, Crosby stated that Kanye West wasn’t capable of writing, singing, or playing a song. After that, the CSNY icon suggested West go to Stevie Wonder’s house to meet a real rock star and get himself a Ray Charles catalog to learn how to sing. Throughout the years, Crosby continued to target the rapper in his tweets, calling him a poser with no talent and a person as useless as tits on a bull. In 2021, the musician also argued social media trolls are the Kanye Wests of the world.

On the other hand, Kanye West has been struggling with mental health issues. He has often appeared to have mental breakdowns and controversial tweets targeting his former wife, Kim Kardashian. After making the headlines with his music video for ‘Easy,’ West yet again became the center of attention with the ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt he wore to Paris Fashion Week. Soon after, the rapper’s Twitter account was restricted after his antisemitic tweets.

Recently, David Crosby decided to take a jab at the rapper again and took to his Twitter to post a yet-another tweet about Kanye. In his tweet, Crosby argued that Kanye West is an ‘actual idiot’ and that his dog could beat him at chess. Many of his fans gathered below the musician’s tweet to show they agreed with him. As it seems, Crosby still hates Kanye West and doesn’t refrain from using his sharp tongue to slam the rapper.

David Crosby’s tweet read:

“Kanye is an actual idiot. My dog could beat him at chess.”

You can see the tweet below.