Gene Simmons Addresses The Backlash Against Kanye West

KISS bassist Gene Simmons recently joined the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian drama in an interview with TMZ and revealed his thoughts on the backlash Kanye West receives. He then said he should leave Kardashian’s new partner Pete Davidson alone.

Back on February 19, 2021, Kardashian officially filed for divorce from West. In April 2021, both West and Kardashian agreed to joint custody of their four children. However, West expressed that he doesn’t prefer getting divorced from Kardashian several times. Then, the couple got divorced on March 2, 2022.

Ever since the beginning of the West-Kardashian drama, the rapper’s mental health problems have been the source of media attention. In 2016, West was taken to a hospital involuntarily due to his mental issues and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Moreover, it is known that he has depression and paranoid anxiety.

Recently, West released a music video for his ‘Eazy’ in which he kidnaps and beheads Kardashian’s new partner Pete Davidson. The song also has lyrics targeting him. In an interview with a TMZ reporter who saw him at Kings Road Cafe in Los Angeles, Gene Simmons revealed his thoughts on West’s mental health and said he is a talented person but out of his mind.

Simmons then addressed West’s behavior towards Davidson and said there’s something clinically wrong with him. Moreover, the KISS icon added that Kardashian and Davidson should ignore West’s comments. He then told West that he should get a hobby, move on, and leave Davidson alone as Kardashian is a grown woman who doesn’t need his permission.

During the interview, Gene Simmons said the following about Kanye West:

“For the record, Kanye’s a talented guy. There’s no question about it. He’s out of his mind. This is your wife, the mother of your children. It’s not childish. There’s something clinically wrong with him, as he’s admitted.”

After TMZ’s reporter asked him whether Kardashian and Davidson should file a restraining order against West, Simmons said:

“You don’t need to do that. Pete’s a cool guy who takes the high road. Just ignore it. At a certain point, if everybody misbehaves, they get bitchslapped. It’s, like, guy, you’ve got a roof over your head, you’ve got food in your tummy. You can do whatever you want.

Get a hobby. That’s better. Leave him alone. Move on. Love your kids. Love the mother of your kids and let her make her own decision. She’s a grown-ass woman now, and she doesn’t need your permission.”

You can watch the interview below.