‘It Didn’t Fair Well,’ Nikki Sixx On Vince Neil’s Return To Record ‘Generation Swine’

Nikki Sixx responded to Mötley Crüe fans’ questions about the band’s career during a Q&A on X. One fan wanted to know why Sixx thought the ‘Generation Swine’ album received so much criticism. Nikki admitted there were some problems with the album’s recording process, which might have affected the adverse reactions. The bassist explained:

“Well, it might of started with the band. It was a hard album to finish, and when we released it, and it didn’t fair well, I think everybody just wrote it off. Looking back, it has some amazing songs and lyrics and sounds really fresh.”

Crüe’s ‘Generation Swine’ record marked Vince Neil’s return after his departure from the band in 1992. Prior to his return, John Corabi filled his shoes and contributed to the seventh studio album, which eventually turned into a ‘disaster.’

Vince Neil’s Confession About ‘Generation Swine’

‘Generation Swine’ not only received criticism from Crüe fans and critics but also the band members were not happy about how the record turned out. In a 2008 interview with Plain Dealer, reported by Blabbermouth, Vince Neil expressed his opinions on the album and called it ‘terrible.’ Neil also addressed why he disliked ‘Generation Swine’ and said:

“The last record, ‘Generation Swine,’ wasn’t. It was a terrible record, ’cause there was too much experimenting.”

Unlike Nikki’s statement about how the lyrics on the album were actually good, Neil seems to not be willing to give it another chance.

John Corabi Blames Nikki Sixx And Tommy Lee For The Failure

While Nikki and Vince had some theories on why the album was not as successful as other Crüe records, John Corabi had his own theory about the real problem. During a previous interview with Rob’s School Of Rock YouTube channel, Corabi talked about his final days in Mötley Crüe. The singer claimed that Nikki and Tommy were actually panicked about the band’s future and wanted to try something entirely new. Corabi stated:

“To be perfectly honest with you, I think they were panicked. It was the first time for Tommy and Nikki to actually really produce a record… They really didn’t know what they wanted. They would give me these random bands. Like, Nikki would say, ‘Something along the lines of Manic Street Preachers and old David Bowie.’ And then Scott would go, ‘Cheap Trick.’ And then Tommy would go, ‘No, dude. Like, heavy. Like Pantera. But lush, like Oasis.’ And I’m sitting there going, ‘Half of these bands I’ve never even fucking heard of before.'”

You can see Nikki Sixx’s statement on X and watch Corabi’s entire interview with Rob’s School Of Rock on YouTube below.