David Crosby Resembles Social Media Trolls To Kanye West

David Crosby has revealed that he likens the trolls on social media to Kanye West saying that they are ‘Kanye Wests of this world’ during his interview on The Grammys.

David Crosby is known to be working on making new music since his seventh solo album ‘Here If You Listen’ was released in 2018. Now almost 80 years old, Crosby has completed working on his eighth studio album ‘For Free’ after a two-year break and released the album recently on July 23, 2021. He had also released a single from the album named ‘Rodriguez For A Night’ before releasing the record, and is known to reveal that he will continue making new music after his ‘For Free.’

Known for his extensive use of social media, David Crosby makes controversial statements with his sharp tongue on his Twitter account as well as during the interviews. Taking a look at his Twitter account, it appears that he was extremely vocal about his despise of Kanye West. For instance, answering a fan’s tweet in 2015 about Kanye’s music, Crosby said that Kanye is an idiot and poser who has no talent at all. In another tweet, he described Kanye as ‘useless as tits on a bull,’ and continued saying that he still thinks Kanye is an idiot.

Revealing that he hates Kanye West every time possible, Crosby now resembled social media trolls to Kanye in an interview by The Grammys. Asked about his Twitter account by the host, he said that once in a while he bashes someone he does not like on his tweets when he sees them pretentious and arrogant.

Crosby then added he thinks they are the Kanye Wests of this world, saying he ‘sticks a pin in their balloon’ every so often. Stating he is just trying to have some fun, Crosby then added he likes people and communicating with them. He also said he likes that he does not have to engage in a quarrel with people on Twitter, saying he also does not want to waste his time with dumb people.

The interviewer told David Crosby that:

“Some people tend to paint your Twitter account as being cantankerous, but I find it to be the opposite. It’s all about appreciating life as you just described it. It’s a very joyful account to me.”

David Crosby then answered:

“To me, it is too, man. Every once in a while, I take a shot at somebody I don’t like when they get really pretentious and blown-up. The Kanye Wests of this world, I’ll occasionally stick a pin in their balloon. But mostly, I’m not trying to be Howard Stern. I’m really trying to just have fun here. I like people. I think they’re fascinating. I like communicating with people.

The other thing about Twitter is that if someone tries to pick a fight, you just delete them. You don’t have to deal with it. I don’t have to engage in a fisticuffs battle with someone who thinks QAnon is real, for God’s sake. If you’re that dumb, I don’t have to waste my time with you! I like that a lot. It makes it more fun.”

The tension between musical personalities isn’t something that surprises the fans when they came across one on social media. But as it appears from his claims about Kanye West, David Crosby is a little bit aggressive and assertive in doing so.