Taylor Swift’s Reaction To Grizzly Bear Singer Edward Droste’s Attack

Not too long ago, a few harsh words sparked some ‘Bad Blood’ between Grizzly Bear singer Edward Droste and pop superstar Taylor Swift. Back in 2015, Droste voiced his complaints about the ‘Shake It Off’ singer on Twitter, ultimately leading to him deactivating his account.

It seems that Droste’s grievances were not only directed towards Swift personally but also her adoring fans, accusing them of sucking up to the pop princess because of her overwhelming popularity. The Grizzly Bear singer didn’t mince words in his tweets, and although he was later overwhelmed by the backlash, it’s worth revisiting this dramatic episode from the depths of music history.

The singer started the heated conversation with Swift fans by sharing an article about Taylor titled ‘Mean Girl.’ Even though Ed faced the fierce reaction of her fans, he continued to argue that Taylor was sending gifts to her fans to ‘attract’ them. He also stated that TS fans started attacking him verbally after he revealed the truth about the ‘monster‘ aka Taylor Swift.

He shared an article about Taylor Swift under the name ‘mean girl’ and said:

“Obsessed that people are catching on.

A Taylor Swift fan chimed in and replied to him saying:

“She’s also one of the most involved artists to her fans. Sorry, she was mean to you, but that doesn’t change.”

Ed replied:

“Her sending gifts to fans and you tubing in, so self-serving, gross.

Ed replied once again:

“Ummm, she’s been given a free pass for too long. Plus, first-hand experience.”

He also revealed that:

“FYI: because I took a stance, TS fans have called me faggot, ugly, dirty Jew, and the works! Gorgeous fan base!

Honestly, I was treated like shit for no reason on 3 occasions by the monster, and thusly I’ve been called every disgusting slur there is.

Tired of everyone sucking up to the power. Just stop feeding the monsters! Goodnight!”

As expected, opinions on this matter varied widely. While the majority of people sided with Taylor Swift, others advised Droste not to continue his tirade against her, fearing her power and influence could put an end to his career. Fans urged him not to engage further, as he already appeared shaken by the wrath of Swift’s fanbase.

Taylor herself, however, remained silent on the issue. In 2015, she was busy touring for her ‘1989’ album and collecting an impressive roster of celebrities to join her on stage, such as the late Kobe Bryant, Alanis Morissette, Beck, St. Vincent, and Lisa Kudrow.

This fiery feud between Edward Droste and Taylor Swift may have burned brightly for a moment, but it ultimately fizzled out as Taylor Swift did not respond to any of his accusations. While Droste’s complaints highlighted some of the darker aspects of Swift’s fanbase, it’s not all doom and gloom in the world of music. It was surely surprising for Taylor Swift fans and the rest of the world as Taylor is known to be one of the kindest celebrities out there. Usually, if she has something bad to say about someone, she reflects that in her next album, making bucks from her haters.