What Happened To Annie Lennox Of Eurythmics

Annie Lennox has always had a great passion and interest in music, so she studied several instruments at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Even though the singer often compared herself with other peers at the school and doubted whether she was talented enough to be a musician her not, she proved her exceptional talent as a singer, instrumentalist, and songwriter in the following years of her career.

Lennox was a flute player in Dragon’s Playground, but she left the band shortly after and joined another. The singer was a member of the British pop band, The Tourists, in which she met Don Stewart. The band’s success and popularity were short-lived, and they broke up in 1980. Stewart and Lennox continued their professional careers as a pop-rock duo, and they founded Eurythmics in the same year that The Tourists ended.

Annie Lennox’s Career In Eurythmics

Eurythmics recorded and released eight albums, one of them was a soundtrack album named ‘1984 (For the Love of Big Brother),’ in eight years. Also, the duo performed countless concerts at the same time. Their singles such as ‘Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),’ ‘Love Is a Stranger,’ ‘There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart),’ and ‘Here Comes the Rain Again’ hit the charts and became famous worldwide.

However, this busy working schedule exhausted them and caused tensions between the band members. Stewart and Lennox couldn’t fix the problems, leading to disbanding. It turned into a hiatus after they reunited and worked on their final and eighth studio album ‘Peace,’ released on October 19, 1999. Then the duo collaborated for other special occasions, but this wasn’t the only project that Lennox focused on.

Annie Lennox Is A Political And Social Activist

Besides her successful Eurythmics career, Lennox’s solo works, ‘Bare,’ ‘Songs of Mass Destruction,’ ‘A Christmas Cornucopia,’ and ‘Nostalgia’ received positive reviews from music critics and longtime dedicated fans. The musician showed that her musical journey wouldn’t be only about her times with Eurythmics by creating and releasing well-crafted songs and lyrics that inspired next-generation musicians.

Moreover, as a sensitive person about ongoing problems in her country and everywhere in the world, Lennox was a part of several charity projects. The famous singer collaborated with Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and other non-profit organizations to help needy people. Also, she founded The Circle of Women, which aimed to contribute to women’s projects. She worked hard for HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa, eventually becoming a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for AIDS.