Awsten Knight’s Waterparks Receive Fans’ Support Over Metallica Diss

Awsten Knight from Waterparks has gained fan support on Instagram following comments about Metallica.

The band initially shared some positive and negative descriptions about themselves on their social media accounts. One of them said:

“Waterparks is the only band with more albums than members.”

Diverse Descriptions Of Waterparks

Another comment noted:

“The drama of Waterparks: Are they going to lose everything?”

One other explained, giving a different description of the band:

“Waterparks: All smashes, not hits.”

The following comment addressed, comparing them to Metallica:

“Waterparks: Better than Metallica.”

The band released this comment about Metallica also on X and wrote:

“Wrong account. Who cares? What are you, the Feds?”

Another one added:

“Waterparks: Houston, TX International.”

One other said, including another notable band’s name:

“Waterparks: The best band from Houston since ZZ Top (S beards).”

The following comment suggested:

“Waterparks: A band about color theory.”

Another one said the following:

“Waterparks: The free demo CDs we used to beg people to take outside of shows are on depop for $250 now.”

Criticisms Amidst Fan Excitement

Under their post, including those reviews about the band, there were some criticisms, and fans expressed their excitement in the comments. One of the support messages said:

“Waterparks could write ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls,’ but Metallica could never write ‘Fuzzy.’”

Another comment also compared them to Metallica, writing:

“Definitely so much better than Metallica fr! I tried to like them, but they are too much for me.”

One other message said:

“The Metallica fans (White dads) are gonna get you.”

However, besides the positive messages, there were also negative ones. One explained:

“Waterparks: The only band with a serial killer.”

Another one noted:

“Waterparks: The band that will degrade you emotionally on Twitter.”

One other comment said:

“I’ve now read all the slides: Why are we blatantly lying?”

Uncertainty About A New Project

It is not known exactly whether these events are related to a new project. In 2022, Waterparks teased their fifth album, releasing ‘Funeral Grey’ on May 13. They dropped singles like ‘Self-Sabotage’ and ‘F*ck About It’ featuring Blackbear in 2022, leading to the album’s title reveal, ‘Intellectual Property.’

The album, set for April 14, 2023, features singles like ‘Real Super Dark’ and ‘Brainwashed.’ On October 11, 2023, they released ‘Sneaking Out of Heaven’ as part of ‘Intellectual Property,’ accompanied by a music video on October 12, 2023.

You can see their posts on Instagram and X below.

Photo Credit: Waterparks – Instagram