Myles Kennedy Explains How Eddie Van Halen Changed His Life

Alter Bridge lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Myles Kennedy recalled the first time when he wanted to play guitar after listening to Van Halen late founder, Eddie Van Halen during an interview with Paul Reed Smith’s Long Dintance.

It’s been known that Alter Bridge released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Walk the Sky’ on October 18, 2019. Later, they released the deluxe edition of the album, ‘Walk the Sky 2.0’ on November 6, 2020. Both of them listened to a lot and became commercially successful. Apart from Myles Kennedy’s remarkable career in the band, he also continued to his solo career.

Myles Kennedy’s debut solo album, ‘Year of the Tiger’ was released on March 9, 2018, and followed by his second solo studio album entitled ‘The Ides of March’ on May 14, 2021. As a promotion of his latest solo album, he appeared on Paul Reed Smith’s Long Distance show. In the interview, Kennedy remembered the first time when he had a passion for guitar after hearing Eddie Van Halen.

When he was thirteen years old, he first listened to Eddie Van Halen’s ‘Eruption’ which was his instrumental solo guitar performance from the radio. It became a milestone moment for Kennedy’s life and musical career. He realized that he had a passion and enthusiasm for playing guitar. Then, Kennedy decided to save money to be able to buy his own guitar. After his stepfather said that he would give him a dollar for every stall that he cleaned. He cleaned them every day till he bought his first guitar.

Here’ what he told:

“I’ll never forget it – I was playing football with my little brother in the backyard, I was probably 13, and we had my boombox cranked up, and the radio station played ‘Eruption’ by Van Halen.

And that was just a pivotal moment for me. I’d never heard anything like it. A couple of hours later, the riff for ‘Whole Lotta Love’ comes on. And so, that was a really important afternoon, that afternoon decided where I would want to roam or attempt to roam.

My passion for guitar really started then and I was obsessed. I remember I had to earn money for my first guitar. My stepfather said that he would give me a dollar for every stall I cleaned, we had a few horses.”

You can check out the video below.

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