Dave Mustaine’s Son Justis Just Got Married With Angela Sue Cheslock

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine recently shared a post to announce that his son Justis Mustaine married on his official Instagram account. Also, Justis expressed his feelings about this happy moment and stated that he felt gratitude for his friends and parents that were with him.

Dave Mustaine and Pamela Anne Casselberry tied the knot in 1991, and the couple has two children named Justis and Electra. Since then, they have pursued a happy relationship and raised two kids. The elder child Justis is a thirty-year-old man now, and he’s working in artist management and sponsorships. Along with his successful career, he created his family with his marriage.

Justis and Angela Sue Cheslock got married in a ceremony surrounded by friends and families. The Megadeth icon revealed the news, saying that the bride was a beautiful addition to their happy family, which completed them, and he congratulated the newlyweds. The groom shared many photos from one of the greatest moments of his life. Justis stated that he had an incredible weekend with his wife, Angela, with whom he will spend his whole life.

Mustaine’s son highlighted that both his and Angela’s parents were there to support the couple, and it was an extraordinary and unforgettable moment for him. Furthermore, Justis thanked his best man Christian McKinley and his groomsmen, Will Armstrong and Phil Loiacono, and photographers Sam and Jenna Frawley, who joined them for the ceremony.

Mustaine’s IG post read:

“We raised a good man who brings a beautiful addition to our family. Our life seems complete today. Congratulations, Justis and Angela, on your big day.”

Justis added:

“What an incredible weekend and woman that I get to spend the rest of my life with! My feet are still off the ground. Thank you to all of the friends and family who came out to celebrate with us. We wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. We have some of the greatest friends in the world, and it felt very special to see all of you. To Angela’s parents, thank you for giving her to me and accepting me into your family.

To my mom Pam Mustaine and dad Dave Mustaine, thank you for welcoming Angela into our family. Christian McKinley, my best man, great speech brother, and thank you for not telling some of the wilder stories; I might have had a tombstone over my head if you did!

Will Armstrong and Phil Loiacono, my groomsmen, it was like time froze when we all got back together after so long; thank you guys for being by my side during this. Sam and Jenna Frawley are the best photographers in the business. Thank you for capturing our special day/night.”

You can check out the photos the father and son posted below.

Photo Credit: Dave Mustaine – Instagram
Photo Credit: Justis Mustaine – Instagram