Noel Gallagher Gets Overly Defensive About Being Oasis’ Sideman, Guy Pratt Says

Live bassist of Pink Floyd, Guy Pratt, recently got interviewed by Guitar World where they discussed the bassist’s career as a sideman, his podcast, and more.

Pratt, when asked who he thinks was the most intimidating guest of his for the podcast, revealed that it was Noel Gallagher. He explained why:

“I remember Suzi Quatro being a little feisty, but I have never been so scared of interviewing anyone in my life as I was when we interviewed Noel Gallagher. I knew that Noel can have this thing about sidemen, and you know how chippy he can be in interviews. I was so scared that I actually sent Johnny Marr a message a few days before in the hope that he would soften him up a bit!”

It’s no surprise why the bassist was terrified of Gallagher, given his attitude and arguments with other people. He has slammed many names so far such as Matt Healy, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, and even his brother, Liam Gallagher.

The bassist, who launched his podcast ‘Rockonteurs’ on October 2020 with Gary Kemp, has guested many names such as Jon Bon Jovi, Steven Van Zandt, Rick Astley, Alice Cooper and more. You can listen to the episode with Noel Gallagher below.