The Police’s Stewart Copeland Shares Drumming’s Influence On Confidence

During an interview with Absolute Radio, Stewart Copeland of The Police revealed the true motivation behind his decision to be a drummer. When questioned about what initially inspired him to start drumming, Copeland shared the following:

“I was an undernourished, late developer. All my friends had hair or their chest; they were turning into men where I was still 12, a little pipsqueak, but then I banged on a drum, and suddenly I became an 800-pound silverback motherf*cker swinging through the trees. God damn it, instant masculinity – just making a big noise.”

The drummer, revealing the name that affected his life and made him start playing the drums, added:

“Then, soon after, I was playing with the American High School band at the British Embassy Beach Club, as it happens. And then playing, and then there’s Janet McRoberts, all 15 years old of her dancing to my groove. I was playing James Brown, and just having that effect for a 12-year-old and a 15-year-old woman, to me, to be moving her with my groove is quite potent stuff.”

Not only was Copeland inspired by others, but he also served as an inspiration to many. Similarly, it seems that the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins was a particular admirer of Copeland and was called ‘a fanboy who became a hero‘ by The Police drummer.

See the snippet of the interview below.