Paul Stanley Is Completely Against Gene Simmons On The Popular Rock Music Debate

Gene Simmons argued rock is dead and didn’t really change his mind over the years. While many artists have expressed their thoughts on this matter, his bandmate Paul Stanley‘s opinions were an object of curiosity. Speaking to Classic Rock, Stanley shared advice on raising rock music from its ashes.

Back in 2014, Gene Simmons told Esquire that rock is finally dead. He argued that the culprit was mainstream rock bands because new rock bands weren’t influential enough. According to Gene, no new Beatles, Pink Floyd, or Rolling Stones exist in the current rock music scene.

Simmons’ remarks received backlash from many contemporary rock acts, like Taylor Momsen, Castor Hetfield, and Wolfgang Van Halen, who argued that rock isn’t dead at all. Meanwhile, rock veterans like Klaus Meine said there are still millions of rock believers out there.

Some agreed with Simmons, like the Who’s Roger Daltrey, who believed streaming services were responsible for rock music’s downfall. Recently, Paul Stanley joined the debate and revealed his stance. He said his son Evan proves to him that rock isn’t dead, as he plays for a great crowd in LA with his band.

According to Stanley, what’s mainstream changes over time, so rock music’s time will come. He said that he still has hopes there will be a rock act that will come and take it to the next level. However, unlike Simmons, Stanley believes this next rock band will be huge for not sounding like past acts but for having their own voice.

Asked about Gene Simmons’ claim, Paul Stanley said the following:

“It’s a great soundbite, but that’s about all it is. My son Evan is playing all around Los Angeles with a rock band that kicks ass and is getting great crowds, with beautiful models coming, and that’s proof to me that rock’s not dead.

He continued:

“The music that is most popular to mainstream tastes changes over time, and it ebbs and flows. There’s a lot of rock music being made right now, and some of it may be too derivative to really stake a claim and take it to the next level, but it will happen; it will happen. But the next big rock band won’t be huge because it sounds like a band from the past; it will have its own voice.

So, Paul Stanley believes that Gene Simmons is wrong in thinking that a new groundbreaking rock act should follow the veterans’ examples. He hopes that the next big name in the rock music scene will have their own unique voice. According to Stanley, rock music’s revival is around the corner.