Slash Would Probably Laugh At Riff Suggestions, Myles Kennedy Says

Alter Bridge singer Myles Kennedy shared his thoughts about the Guns N’ Roses icon, Slash, during a recent interview with The Mistress Carrie Podcast and revealed how Slash would have responded if Kennedy ever suggested a riff.

Myles and Slash first started collaborating in 2010, when Kennedy sang for Slash’s debut studio album. This marked the beginning of a long-lived partnership, and the duo often appears on stage together under the name Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators. They will release their upcoming record through Gibson’s new record label in 2022.

In the conversation, Myles revealed the songwriting differences between Alter Bridge and Slash. As Myles said, he would get together with Mike Tremonti to create riffs and songs in Alter Bridge. On the other hand, Slash comes up with the music track, and Myles only needs to create the melody and lyrics. Myles went on to add that he has never suggested Slash a riff.

This statement sparked the interviewer’s interest, who asked Kennedy what would happen if he went up to Slash with a riff idea. Myles said that he believes that Slash would mock him because he is the riff master. He added that Slash probably gave him a chuckle and congratulate him for the riff.

In the talk, Myles Kennedy explained the differences between working with Alter Bridge and Slash:

“I think that the main difference, they’re very different processes. With Alter Bridge, ‘Walk the Sky’ was a different kind of record because Mark and I essentially showed up with a lot of those songs completed on our own and then presented them to each other, and then the band.

And now it’s just because we were so busy, we were touring in all of our entities, but up until then, it was Mark and I getting together, and we take pieces, put them together, and that’s how the songs would be created.

With Slash, it’s the same sort of thing – he’ll present basically a track of music, and then I will put my melody and my lyric to that, so you know, it’s never something where I would call Slash and say, ‘Hey, I got this riff.’

I mean, come on. It’s Slash, like, he’s the riff master, so that’s the last thing that’s going to happen.”

Interviewer asked:

“If you did that, how would he react?”

Myles Kennedy replied:

“I think it would be about 10 seconds of silence, and then maybe a little chuckle, and he’d be like, ‘OK, man, you keep up the good work, buddy.'”

Further in the conversation, Myles also talked about the time when he first started to learn how to play guitar and revealed that he didn’t actually take his singing talent seriously because he thought everybody could sing.