Blink 182’s Tom DeLonge Expresses Pride For Making A Global Impact

You might have heard of the Blink-182 guitarist Tom DeLonge’s enthusiasm about all outer space. The musician has created To The Stars… Academy of Arts & Sciences alongside a team of people to get going on his quest. He recently responded to a tweet after the White House made a statement about UFOs and showed his eagerness to be a part of the discussion.

The rocker co-founded the academy to explore everything about outer space, from alien sightings and UFOs to discovering possible extraterrestrial life. He also collaborated with musicians and scientists worldwide to dissect and discuss everything that needed to be discovered about the matter. He even offered Matt Bellamy to go on an alien hunt with him.

But this leap of faith into a different world was all thanks to rock and roll. It gave him the courage to go after his passion and work with people to get to the bottom of what people have been talking about for years but not getting any substantial results.

Tom DeLonge’s tweet about making a global impact:

“I can’t believe I started this with the To The Stars team. Christopher K. Mellon and Lue Elizondo have taken this so insanely far. They are heroes.”

Then a user wrote in response:

“I’m torn between wanting to congratulate you and also bitch about the ‘look at me’ tone of this tweet. We get it. Book 3 + real disclosure, please. You made lots of promises.”

The guitarist replied:

“Yeah, I get it… But this is so big and touches humanity. I literally can’t digest how I played a part in this. But I also know I did not do this alone. But I want people to know that To The Stars did start this, and it took moving mountains. Next comes the movies.”

Even though some thought he was boasting about his accomplishments with the academy, DeLonge is happy to be involved in the early discussions of the topic alongside everyone in the To The Stars team, as they have made progress on meaningful work. It seems they are working on movies next. Would you watch the movies if they were to make them?