Wolf Van Halen On Not Being The Same Wolfie After Losing His Father Eddie

Losing a bandmate is always challenging, but the case is utterly different when that bandmate is also one’s father. After losing his father, Wolfgang Van Halen dealt with severe depression, and in a recent conversation with Guitar magazine, Van Halen discussed losing his father, his battle with social media, and how the tragedy changed him as a person.

After Eddie lost his battle with lung cancer in 2020, Wolfgang had to go through a challenging period under the curious eyes of the media and the public. So, these tough times weren’t easy for Van Halen to deal with, and the musician disclosed that his mental health and well-being have been at the lowest they’ve ever been.

“I’m a very different person,” admitted Wolfgang as he discussed how much he has changed. He said, “Wolfie has been through a lot of sh*t to become the Wolfie I am today, especially in the last three years. I don’t think my emotional and mental well-being have been any lower. It’s a thing that is incredibly tough to fight… There are many times when I don’t have the strength to do anything, and more than not, that seems to be the case.”

The rocker continued, “When it comes to people who feel the same way I do, dealing with depression and anxiety, you never really are alone. Unfortunately, it’s like we’re all alone together because so many of us feel this way. When it comes to d*ckheads on the internet, that’s always there. Everyone deals with it. Sure, it hurts a lot when it’s directed toward you, but you’ve got to realize the place it’s coming from. I like to pick my battles.”

Wolfgang simultaneously struggled with losing his father and dealing with social media and the public. He received a lot of criticism for not continuing with Van Halen or planning a tribute for his father, despite the emotionally overwhelming time he was going through.

Even though he tried his best to get better and heal, the young Van Halen soon realized he wasn’t the same Wolfie he was years ago. However, it seems like Wolf is determined to pick his battles now and honor his father’s legacy the way he sees fit.