Angus Young Clarifies If AC/DC Ever Considered Making A Studio Album With Axl Rose

In an interview with Rock Antenne, AC/DC guitarist Angus Young talked about the time Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose joined AC/DC temporarily to replace Brian Johnson and explained whether they have ever considered recording an album having Axl on the vocals.

As you might remember, during AC/DC’s ‘Rock or Bust’ tour in 2016, the band’s frontman Brian Johnson was advised by his doctors to take a break otherwise he would face the danger of losing his ability to hear completely. Fortunately, Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose stepped in and offered to take Johnson’s place for the remaining shows on Rock or Bust tour.

AC/DC lead guitarist Angus Young previously expressed his gratitude and appreciation for Axl’s help during the conversations he joined. Recently, in an interview with Rock Antenne, Angus once again answered questions about the time Guns N’ Roses icon performed with AC/DC. During the conversation, Young clarified whether there were any plans about collaborating with Rose to make a studio album together.

Angus stated that making an AC/DC album with Axl Rose on vocals actually ‘never came as a point in question.’ He added that Axl volunteered to help them out in a very difficult situation since they didn’t really know what to do. Young mentioned that it was simply a thoughtful help they received from Rose for which he has a lot of respect. He also stated that Axl was excited to be doing it since he was a fan of a lot of their earlier stuff with the late vocalist Bon Scott.

Here is what Angus Young stated about the possibility of making an album with Axl Rose:

“It never really came as a point in question. Axl helped us out. He had actually volunteered, because – I’ll be honest – at the time, we didn’t really know what we would do in that situation.

And he, very early, had volunteered. He said if he can help out – he had his own commitments to do – and he said if it didn’t interfere with what he was doing, he would gladly, if he can help, he would be involved.

So it was a case of that. We didn’t know if it would come together, so we did a little bit of rehearsing with him. And it worked out. He broke his foot when he had been working on his own project, but he certainly gave it his all to get through. So that was very good of him.

I’ve got a lot of respect for how he did it – he was very pro, and he was very hungry. He’s very much a fan of especially a lot of our earlier stuff with Bon. So he was excited to be doing it, as a band. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.”

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