Why Meg White Lives In Seclusion


Stereotypical reckless behavior and gothic style have been a part of rock and roll since the emergence of the genre a long time ago. The genre entirely emerged from shouting at the world and mainly rebelling against oppression and was undoubtedly a reaction to most political and social systems. The members of the genre have been standing out with their music, genre, style, and usually careless attitude towards the rules.

Hence, rockstar life has become a widespread and stereotypical thing when one looks at the musicians that belong to rock. However, some rockstars strip off these stereotypes even though it is rare. One of the rarest names with the opposite personality to a rockstar yet still one of the most talented rock musicians is The White Stripes’ Meg White. She has been living primarily off the radar instead of enjoying her fame and fortune in public, and there are several reasons for that, let’s have a look.

Meg White’s Private Life


Meg White and Jack White have first become prominent as a duo and named their small band, The White Stripes. Although Meg and Jack first claimed they were siblings, the two got married in 1996 until 2000. She later got married to Jackson Smith in 2009 in Jack White’s backyard and divorced in 2013. Her career continued with The White Stripes, but a few times, their shows were canceled due to Meg’s anxiety attacks and timidity.

She was always a shy person who didn’t like to give interviews and didn’t do so unless it was absolutely necessary. Her musical career only showed up in her songs and her personality, not so much as she preferred laying low and leading a private life. She also idolizes Bob Dylan who also led a more private life considering his fellow musicians and the rest of the rock and roll world.

Meg Was An Icon Regardless


Despite her shy attitude, other musicians appreciated the music she created so much. Nirvana drummer and Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl had listed her as one of the best drummers ever. Her drumming style is unique; no matter how difficult the music was, she managed them without sweating a little bit.

Unfortunately, her musical career was shaky due to her anxiety condition. In 2007, The White Stripes had announced the cancellation of 18 tour dates due to her acute anxiety. Meg stayed off the radar a bit while Jack continued his music ventures elsewhere. The band’s and Meg’s music career came to an end in 2011 when The White Stripes disbanded to keep the legacy and what they’ve already created sealed up and intact.