Nuno Bettencourt On Extreme Benefiting From ‘Stranger Things’ Appearance

Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt recently shared his thoughts on the band’s song appearing in the series ‘Stranger Things.’ During an interview with Silver Tiger Media, the guitarist admitted that he couldn’t pay attention to the series to include the band’s song since they were working on the new album back then. He also expressed how special it was to have their song included in the series. Bettencourt told:

“I think there is something really special. I hate to bring up the age, but at 56, doing a new album and going and having been around for nearly 40 years with the band. Having a show like ‘Stranger Things’ that’s in the zeitgeist of popular culture right now, taking one of your songs [‘Play With Me’] and including in that, is super cool.”

He went on to explain what made it so special to see their song in the series:

“It’s different, it’s a different appreciation that we have because we’re not supposed to get that kind of stuff happening at our age. What happened with ‘Six’ [Extreme’s latest album] in the solo and the views that we are getting and everything else isn’t supposed to happen to a band that’s 40 years into their career. That sh*t doesn’t happen like that. It makes it that much more special because they are real blessings for us.”

Extreme recently returned after a 15-year hiatus and released their latest album ‘Six’ a year after ‘Play With Me‘ was included in the series, which gained a push of popularity.

See the full interview below.