The Reason Keith Richards Slammed Metallica And Black Sabbath

The Rolling Stones have achieved worldwide fame due to their successful records and the band members’ unique talents. So, it isn’t surprising that they are still often characterized as ‘The Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World’ and the best-selling music artists of all time.

As they are known for their numerous titles and achievements in the music industry, The Rolling Stones members have often found the courage to criticize their peers and successors. For instance, the band’s guitarist and co-founder, Keith Richards, is not only famous for his iconic guitar performances but also for his harsh criticism against countless bands and musicians, which has become a matter of discussion over the years.

Why Did Keith Richards Criticize Metallica and Black Sabbath?

Even though they are the most influential and successful heavy metal bands, Metallica and Black Sabbath still became Keith Richards’ targets. Their worldwide fame and best-selling works weren’t enough to stop the Rolling Stones icon from calling them ‘great jokes.’ However, many fans and musicians declared that they disagreed with Richards.

Black Sabbath was founded six years after The Rolling Stones, and they came to be known as the band that defined and even created the heavy metal genre. Black Sabbath introduced everyone to heavy metal music with Osbourne’s unique singing and Iommi’s unmatchable guitar skills. Although Metallica was formed almost twenty years after Black Sabbath, the band brought back the golden days of metal with their iconic songs that popularized metal as a genre.

In Richards’ words, he said:

“Millions are in love with Metallica and Black Sabbath. I just thought they were great jokes… I don’t know where Metallica’s inspiration comes from, but if it’s from me, then I f’cked up.”

However, it looks like Keith Richards disagrees with the fans and musicians who see Black Sabbath and Metallica as great sources of inspiration and idols, as he defined them as great jokes without giving any reason. He also wished that he is not the one who has inspired Metallica, saying that he has screwed up if he did.,