John Corabi Warns About The Civil Wars: ‘Not Just In USA, Everywhere’

John Corabi thinks there might be civil wars in every part of the world.

In a recent interview with DND Dynamite 80s show, the singer said he thinks social media companies undermine democracy through algorithms that manipulate users and create division. Corabi recommended watching the documentaries ‘The Social Dilemma’ and ‘The Swamp’ to better understand these issues. Then he shared something from the end of ‘The Social Dilemma’:

“At the very end of the documentary, the guy said, ‘I’m terrified because I really feel like it’s just gonna be civil war everywhere’ — not just in America, everywhere. What we’ve done accidentally is we’ve created a world where these computers are creating a world where nobody’s wrong.”

Corabi also explained social media only shows people what they like:

“Again, whoever you vote for, if you’re interested in that person, it’s only gonna feed you the sh*t that it knows you’re interested in. So you can sit there and argue facts that are just not facts. It’s finding the things that you want to see and read and it’s feeding them to you. So the phones and computers and the social media thing now is like… It’s beautiful because I can talk to you like this in my backyard. [But it’s also scary] because it’s getting way ahead of us.”

Corabi Thinks There Were Other Things That Divided The Country

The former Mötley Crüe singer also criticized politicians during Donald Trump’s impeachment in a social media post in 2019. He noted that impeachment had further divided the country, saying:

“By the looks of Facebook today I see the ‘IMPEACHMENT’ of DJT has done one thing…DIVIDED us even further! Now if I may…Here’s my take….. What I believe is our leaders Republican and Democrat are nothing but a bunch of OVERPAID, whiny b*tches that are getting nothing done for you and I…PERIOD!!!

He continued:

“DJT overturned a bunch of Obama legislations/regulations and when the next Democrat comes, they’ll overturn them again… It’s like a f*cking checkers game. I personally can see arguments on both sides. But all we’re doing now is buying into whatever NEWS outlet supports your party.

Corabi is getting prepared to hit the road with The Dead Daisies next month. Their US tour starts on June 6 in New York and ends on June 22 in Roseville, California.

You can watch his full interview below.