James Hetfield Receives Birthday Messages From Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, And Rob Trujillo

August 3 was the iconic Metallica vocalist James Hetfield‘s 59th birthday. The drummer Lars Ulrich shared his birthday wishes for Hetfield, saying, ‘Love You, Big Man,’ on his Instagram post. His fellow bandmates also celebrated his birthday on their social media accounts.

James Hetfield achieved a turning point in his life and kickstarted Metallica’s career by answering Lars Ulrich’s advertisement in 1981 and co-founding the band. Besides being the band’s co-founder, Papa Het has made many contributions to Metallica and the metal genre in general as a vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and primary songwriter.

Along with his unique voice, the musician is also known for his lead guitar techniques and influential solos during live performances. He has found a place for himself among the most influential guitarists in various lists created by music critics. Hetfield has delivered successful guitar solos in the band’s most popular songs, such as ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘Just a Bullet Away.’

Recently, Papa Het celebrated his 59th birthday on August 3, and many fans and his fellow bandmates expressed their birthday wishes to him. Lars Ulrich shared a photo of them together in which he kisses Hetfield while the guitarist gestures a timeout. The drummer humorously stated they will keep loving each other without ‘timeouts.’ He celebrated his long-time partner’s birthday by expressing his love for him.

Lars Ulrich said the following on his Instagram:

“No timeouts! We keep going on and on with nothing but love, hugs, and juicy kisses in the tank! Happiest birthday to my partner in all things called creativity last 874 years. Love ya, big man!

Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo also conveyed their birthday wishes to Hetfield on their Instagram. Hammett celebrated his friend’s birthday expressing his excitement for the upcoming works they will create together. The guitarist called Hetfield ‘Riff Lord’ by pointing out his success in creating riffs. On the other side, Trujillo celebrated his birthday in Spanish.

Kirk Hammett wrote on his IG post:

“Happy Bday to my bro and fellow guitar slinger; I love you so much and looking forward to waging more riffs onto the world with you, the one and only Riff Lord! Cheers and much love and aloha!”

Rob Trujillo wrote the following:

“Feliz Cumpleanos Jaime!”

You can see the IG posts below.