Why John Oates And Daryl Hall Refuse To Make A New Hall And Oates Album

Since the release of their last album, ‘Home For Christmas,’ in 2006, Hall & Oates have presented no new music to their audience, except for a non-album single in 2018 called ‘Philly Forget Me Not.’ John Oates explained the reason behind that in a 2019 chat with Classic Pop:

“I think we’ve said everything we’ve wanted to say. Our passions lie in our individual projects now. We’ve accepted we should go out and represent this great body of work we’ve made already. We’re proud of what we’ve done, and our shows are ongoing. I think that’s OK.”

Still, his bandmate, Daryl Hall, left an open door for the possibility by saying:

“We don’t need to make a 19th record. But we could make the occasional one-off song and release that. We’ll maybe do as much of that as we can.”

While there’s been a lack of recorded music, Hall & Oates have maintained an active presence in the live performances, both in America and Europe. In fact, by 2019, they undertook their first tour of Latin America, with stops in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil.

Hall mentioned writing songs for the duo’s new album the following year but later expressed uncertainty about the idea by saying ‘things have changed.’ This led both artists to focus on their solo works.

Hall’s latest album, ‘Laughing Down Crying,’ hit the shelves in September 2011. Meanwhile, Oates released a new record called ‘Arkansas’ with The Good Road Band in 2018 and came up with a few non-album singles like ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Why We Can’t Live Together’ in 2023.

Currently, the two singers are getting ready for solo tours in the upcoming weeks. Hall is set to perform in Saratoga, California, on October 26, while Oates has a performance lined up in Indiana on November 1.