Steven Tyler’s Pick For The Best Rock And Roll Band On The Planet

Any conversation revolving around ranking the best rock and roll bands of all time is opinion-based, but appealing to the masses certainly plays a prominent role in conquering the top spots on the lists. Record sales, accomplishments, buzz, and quality of music can also make it easier for us to get an idea.

Legendary bands like Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd are among the acts that often find a place for themselves in lists featuring the greatest rock bands. It is not much surprising, considering their unique and characteristic sound, cultural impact, and the classics they penned.

While it is natural to have differences of opinion, there are still some bands most of us would agree on holding a spot in the rankings of the best rock acts of all time. Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler also didn’t make surprising choices while sharing his thoughts on his favorite bands.

Steven Tyler was pretty straight and humble when talking about the bands he admired the most, even though he is a member of a massive act like Aerosmith. When AC/DC was mentioned in one of his interviews with Time magazine in 2012, the singer directly described them as the ‘best rock and roll band on the planet.’ Right after that, the Rolling Stones came to Tyler’s mind, but it didn’t change AC/DC’s place in his head because he set the Stones apart from every other band.

“Best rock and roll band on the planet,” said Steven, referring to AC/DC. “Well, short of the Stones. I wouldn’t even put us in that category,” he continued, emphasizing the Rolling Stones’ importance to him and admitting they are superior to Aerosmith.

Then, the rocker also revealed that he would choose any albums from AC/DC, the Rolling Stones, and get the Beach Boys’ ‘Smiley Smile’ if he were stranded on a desert island. Tyler said, “If I were on an island, just for melody, because my father went to Juilliard, I would take albums by those two and the Beach Boys’ ‘Smiley Smile.’ Just for the melodic f*ck all.”

It looks like hearing the melody while listening to rock music is quite crucial to Steven Tyler, considering his emphasis on the issue. So, he thinks that the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and the Beach Boys are ahead of any other band in terms of their ability to produce melodic tunes, a huge part of what makes music memorable.