Wolf Van Halen Reacts To The Comments About Him Being ‘Privileged’ Because Of His Parents


The founder of Mammoth WVH, Wolfgang Van Halen shared a post on his official Twitter page reacting to a ‘fan’ who criticized Wolfgang’s joke which was somehow related to his family and Wolf being privileged and the rest is history just like how it has been happening for the past few months.

As many of you know, Wolfgang Van Halen has been constantly exposed to harsh criticism through his social media accounts, especially since his father, the legendary Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away on October 6, 2020, at the age of sixty-five after his long battle with cancer.

From comparing his own music to his father and insulting him while doing so, to questioning if he’s the actual son of Eddie Van Halen, to accuse him of using Twitter more often after his father’s passing, or alleging that he’s using Eddie’s fame, the number of allegations and peculiar opinions has been thrown at Wolfgang Van Halen is incredibly high which requires an answer from Wolf, however, when he replied to these ‘opinions’ he’s often being criticized for not having a thick skin enough to be on social media.

While defending himself and also sharing his opinions just like a human being as well, the accusations don’t seem to stop since recently Wolfgang Van Halen made a simple joke about his album cover and some fans couldn’t get the joke and started explaining his rhetorical question. After a fan stated that everybody has the right to share their opinions, even if they have a blue check or not which was unclear if it’s relevant to the matter and that’s what Wolf asked.

While the whole situation may sound like a joke, it got pretty serious pretty fast when a fan shared a tweet stating that former Van Halen bassist is acting privileged. Not quite sure how Wolfgang shared a post on his official Twitter page asking that fan to explain why he said such a thing as well as stressing the fact that he has no choice in his parents and the pros and cons given to his family.

Here is what the ‘fan’ said:

Acting a little privileged.

Here is what Wolf said:

“Explain how me joking about my album cover is ‘acting a little privileged.’ Or are you just doing that thing that people do where they hate me because my parents are who they are like I had any choice in the matter?

While the discussion should’ve stopped after this, it actually got bigger when that fan implied that Wolfgang Van Halen is getting more self-imploded and should grow a thicker skin in order to understand his fans. After seeing that he’s still being judged by speaking his mind, Wolfgang shared another tweet stressing the fact that he’s not going to let other people speaking however they like on his social media accounts.

Here is what that fan said:

“Oh yeah, I’ve been a vocal supporter of your album and would love to see you on tour unless you self-imploded before then. Get a thicker skin and an understanding heart with the fans.. appreciate every moment of the ride. Have a good day.”

Here is how Wolfgang replied:

“‘Get a thicker skin and an understanding heart with the fans’ is just code for ‘Let people say whatever horrible shit they want at you without defending yourself or making jokes about it.’ If you don’t like how I act on social media, here’s the door.”

Surprisingly, that fan managed to carry things further by blaming Mammoth WVH founder for cancel culture while he was defending himself and revealing his opinions for which he was criticized not letting others do. After seeing there’s no point arguing with his ‘fan,’ Wolfgang actually stopped replying to him and most likely spent his energy on something else.

Here is what the fan accused Wolfgang of:

“Wolf going all cancel culture?”

You can see the Twitter posts right below.