Wes Borland Says Limp Bizkit Riffs Are Easy As He Explains Why He Does Not Warm Up Before The Live Shows


In the 72nd episode of the podcast Drinks With Johnny, Limp Bizkit’s guitarist Wes Borland has claimed that Limp Bizkit’s riffs are simple and stated the reason why he does not warm-up prior to the concerts.

The rock musician Wes Borland is mostly known as the guitarist of the band Limp Bizkit, along with him being the co-founder of the band Big Dumb Face together with his project with his brother, Goatslayer. Besides, he has created his own label titled Edison Sound, by which he releases his projects related to music. Wes has embarked on a journey of a solo career as well, releasing the solo album ‘Crystal Machete’ on May 3, 2016.

As a more recent time, in April 2020, Wes has started to reveal unreleased material from his projects Eat The Day and Goatslayer. He stated that Goatslayer has a good amount of material that can fill 23 albums. The first track released from the project was ‘The Feather Serpent’ with a release date of April 25. Moreover, Wes announced that he has finished working on his second solo album titled ‘The Astral Hand’ on December 5, and released the album after three days.

During his appearance on ‘Drinks With Johnny,’ Wes has also talked about his performances with the band Limp Bizkit, claiming the band’s riffs are easy enough to not require warming up beforehand. He adds that he only gets physically warmed up before the concert as he is very active on the stage.

After being asked if he has a warm-up riff, Wes Borland’s answer was:

“No, no, I don’t play before we go on stage. If there’s a change in the set, or if we’re adding something, I will, I’ll play before we go on, but most of the time, I just want to get limber. I move my fingers but I don’t ever touch the guitar until I go on stage. Limp Bizkit riffs are easy, man. I don’t physically play but I try to get physically warmed up because I go out in the crowd a lot, I don’t know what I’m going to do, so I just have to get really limber and make sure that whatever I do, I don’t get hurt.”

As recent news, Limp Bizkit is known to plan to perform in their first UK show in four years. The show is announced as taking place on July 22, 2022, in Manchester Academy, and July 24, 2022, in London O2 Academy Brixton.