Alex Lifeson Confirms He Is Working On A New Record With Kirk Hammett And Tom Morello

During his recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson announced that he collaborated with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett for a new song that belonged to the upcoming project of Morello.

Alex Lifeson teamed up with former Coney Hatch bassist Andy Curran and drummer David Steinberg for his latest singles ‘Kabul Blues’ and ‘Spy House’ which were released on June 15, 2021. Moreover, Lifeson’s upcoming studio album entitled ‘Envy of None’ is also known to be released very soon. Alex expressed his excitement about his new project in his previous interviews.

In a recent interview, Lifeson revealed that Tom Morello started to work on a new project which consisted of collaborations with various artists. In one of them, Morello wanted to work with Lifeson and Hammett by combining their styles in one song. Apparently, Tom sent his riffs to Lifeson to add his own riffs, and then he wanted Hammett’s contribution to the record. Lifeson defined the trio’s latest project as very funny.

Alex Lifeson confirmed that he was composing and recording the song with Hammett and Morello for the new project of Morello. He stated that he was interested in mixing the different genres while creating a new song. Alex described their collaboration as ‘such a riot’ and stated that it was nice to work with Hammett and Morello.

Here’s what Lifeson said in his interview:

“I think this is a project that he’s working on with a bunch of different musicians. I don’t really know what the future holds for it, but I really loved doing it. Morello said, ‘Put whatever you want on it – the more the merrier.’ He was going to give it to Kirk Hammett, and Kirk was going to do the same thing.

Being the contrarian, I did all of these other styles, not just heavy rock stuff. We were all talking to each other while we were doing it, and we just had such a riot. I sent my stuff in and it went to Kirk then, and he sent his stuff in.

It’s really some fun music. It’s so Tom Morello, his parts. I just smiled the whole way through listening to it. I thought it was really, really cool the way it turned out. I’m hoping that he might have something else to send along.

Lifeson seemed he is very happy about working with Tom Morello and Kirk Hammett and hopes to continue their collaboration for other upcoming projects. However, he hasn’t revealed the name or the release date of their upcoming project yet.