Bernie Leadon Recalls Being Replaced By Joe Walsh In The Eagles

Former Eagles member Bernie Leadon recently talked to Rock History Rock about his times in Eagles and what happened after he left. He stated that he didn’t listen to the album’ Hotel California’ because he wasn’t there anymore.

The Eagles were formed in 1971 by Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and Randy Meisner. Leadon was among the founders of the iconic band that achieved international recognition and success. Before his exit from the band in 1975, he contributed to their music in four records, namely ‘Eagles,’ ‘Desperado,’ ‘On the Border,’ and ‘One of These Nights.’ The last album they released together, ‘One of These Nights,’ became the band’s first album to chart Billboard top ten, sold over four million copies, and was nominated for a Grammy.

The band’s music wasn’t initially considered rock and roll. They created their earlier albums using country-rock sounds. It was rumored that Leadon left because the band wanted to move to rock and roll, but this was never confirmed. The desire to shift genres created such problems that Bernie Leadon once poured beer over Glenn Frey’s head and caused tensions in the band, which he left shortly afterward.

Regardless, Leadon’s departure was not that hostile and didn’t seem to cause any future tension. The Eagles replaced Leadon with Joe Walsh during the ‘One of These Nights’ tour and continued their band career. With Walsh, they released ‘Hotel California’ in 1976, which featured their signature title track.

In his recent interview, Bernie Leadon talked about his departure and how he felt when they replaced him with Walsh. He admitted that even though he heard the song everywhere, he didn’t listen to the album’ Hotel California’ because it was created when he wasn’t there anymore. Moreover, he still stated that Walsh did a good job with the band.

Here is what he told Rock History Rock:

“I don’t know what would have been different because I left, and Walsh came in. But, I never really listened to ‘Hotel California’ the album because I wasn’t there anymore, I couldn’t avoid hearing the hit but, I’d never heard ‘Pretty Maids in a Row’ until the history of tour and, it opened the second half of the show after the intermission, and I was like ‘Wow there’s a great video for that concert,’ and I was like ‘Wow that’s a great song’ pretty much in a row. It’s a nice little question but, the truth is, I moved on, Walsh came in, he did a great job. They made a great album, then they broke up. It was only 13 years ago. So, it wasn’t back in the day.”

You can listen to the interview below.