Stranger Things Star Joe Keery’s Lesser-Known Music Career

There is no doubt that Netflix’s Stranger Things has become a cultural phenomenon, and it also hosts notable rockers behind the scenes. While the final season brought out the musical side of the show with its interpretation of various hits, the hype surrounding it was certainly deserved.

Most of us have come to love and admire Joseph Quinn’s version of Metallica’s ‘Master of Puppets’ in his role as Eddie Munson. Although the character joined the cast in the fourth season, the impact he had on the audience with his attention-capturing portrayal of the character and his rendition of the track has made him one of the most loved characters on the show.

Quinn’s rocker side has also brought to the surface the musical side of some of the other actors in the same show, including Joe Keery, who wasn’t recognized as a musician before the latest season of the hit Netflix series.

While fans have mostly associated Joe Keery with Steve Harrington, his character on the show from the very beginning, there were other talents up his sleeve that we were oblivious of as fans. It seems that the actor actually got involved in the music industry in various ways since the early days of his career in the entertainment industry.

In his early twenties, Keery dipped his toes in the music industry before he had his breakthrough role as Steve Harrington. He first started releasing music under the name ‘Cool Cool Cool.’ Besides that, he was also a guitarist and drummer for the Chicago-based garage and psych-rock band Post Animal. They made a new and fresh entrance to the scene with their 2015 debut, ‘Most Curious Water Activities.’

Kerry’s role in the band didn’t stop there; the musician gave his vocals for their follow-up album ‘When I Think of You in a Castle’ in 2018. While all this was happening, Keery was still acting on Stranger Things, and the timelines got harder to match up with the band, so he had to say goodbye to his commitments in Post Animal.

Although Keery had to let go of one dream, the actor-musician didn’t want to entirely give up his passion for music, leading him to come up with the stage name Djo. Under this stage name, he released his first single ‘Roddy’ in 2016. If you weren’t familiar with his Post Animal days, Djo’s debut album ‘Twenty Twenty’ became the very thing that caught on and made him recognized as a musician and more comparable to more prominent names like Tame Impala.

As Keery became more popular when the public saw more of his character on the show, his solo musical venture differed from what fans thought Djo would bring to the rock scene. The fans were met with a different version of Keery that showcased his true artistry. More recently, the Stranger Things actor has come back around and delivered a sophomore album titled ‘Decide.’ Now, it’s your turn to ‘decide’ whether you will give the album a listen!