The Metal Song Joseph Quinn aka Eddie Munson Constantly Listens To

Netflix’s mega-hit series Stranger Things released its fourth season in May. However, this season had a different buzz as it explored the horror theme even further and received significant attention. The renditions of various rock and metal hits, including ‘Master of Puppets’ and ‘Running Up That Hill,’ has attracted a lot of praise for introducing classics to a younger audience.

The actor Joseph Quinn performed ‘Master of Puppets’ in Stanger Things in his role as the high school geek-troublemaker, Eddie Munson. Even though Quinn joined the show’s star-studded cast in the fourth season, the character he portrayed immediately became a fan favorite.

Eddie Munson, known as the nerd and metalhead of the town, was loved and praised even more after Joseph Quinn gave his all for the rendition of the Metallica classic. After his performance, fans wondered how he prepared for the role and managed to deliver such a brilliant performance that made everyone obsessed with his character.

Joseph Quinn’s Favorite Metal Song

Joseph Quinn made a name for himself by joining Netflix’s mega-hit series Stranger Things, as Eddie Munson. This was the best decision the actor could have made as he also entered the rock scene with his ‘Master of Puppets’ performance. Since the character enjoyed playing music, Quinn had to perform as if he was an actual musician and performer. So, to get into character, he listened to iconic metal bands before shooting the scenes.

“I listened to ‘Master Of Reality’ by Black Sabbath over and over,” he shared with Metal Hammer. “‘Master Of Puppets’ also, Slayer. All that stuff. That was my way into that whole world. Black Sabbath were my guys, and Led Zeppelin too, but I guess they’re less metal.”

Quinn explained that these legendary bands and tracks were his way of getting into the role of Eddie Munson and transforming the character into a metalhead that fans highly appreciated. Furthermore, the contrast between his naive nature and bad reputation due to listening to metal reflected the misrepresentation of rock and metal in their earlier years.

The actor’s interpretation of ‘Master Of Puppets’ made the 1986 Metallica classic relevant to the mainstream audience. It became so big that Metallica and Stranger Things collaborated for a cross-over where Quinn had the chance to meet the Metallica members and play with them on stage. This performance increased the actor’s popularity in the metal world.